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This game is a work in progress. Please download it for free unless you are certain you want to pay for it (consider it a donation).

Derbot Defence is a tower defence game where you place towers to change the path the enemies have to take, then place turrets on the towers to kill enemies so that they don't reach the end.

Controls (WIP):
Select / Place Tower/Turret - Left Click
Remove Tower/Turret - Right Click
Change scroll target - Middle Mouse Click
Scroll through Towers/Turrets - Mouse Wheel / Up/Down
Scroll through Towers - W/S
Scroll through Turrets - I/K

Upcoming Features:

  • Different Tower types. Tower types change the element of their turrets projectiles e.g. poison, fire, ice, etc.
  • Different Turret types. Turret types change the projectile type e.g. small bullets, rockets, large bullets, etc.
  • Different Enemy types. There will be a variety of different enemies, including a few larger "boss" enemies.
  • Story/Career mode. Preset waves of enemies will spawn.
  • Upgrade system. Towers/Turrets will be upgradable.
  • New/Completed UI. Users will be able to see the tower/turret they have selected, choose a new type, upgrade existing towers/turrets, etc.


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